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In an interview Wednesday, Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak said:
We are now facing – I don’t like the use of words like catastrophe that you have mentioned. It’s not about catastrophe. It’s about a real challenge to the whole world, not just to Israel. I think that a nuclear Iran will change the whole landscape of the Middle East. We have to do something to block it from happening, be it these sanctions or the negotiations or something else.
The real challenge now is these negotiations. And what should be done about the negotiations? We strongly believe and we rely upon the United States and the other members of the P5+1 and expect them to set the bar at the place where it becomes clear that at least once agreed and however long it takes to reach there, it will block Iran from turning militarily nuclear, which means that there is a need to stop enriching uranium to 20% or even to 3.5%, to take all the enriched uranium out of the country….And basically, there is a need to destroy the installation near Qom. So if all these elements are set – and the IAEA has the tightest protocols…that’s it.
But if the world community will set the threshold in a way that even if fully accepted…by the Iranians…it still allows them to keep moving toward a military nuclear program, that’s ridiculous; it’s delusional.
We say, and the leaders of the world are saying, including the American president, no option should be removed from the table. And we basically mean it….But at the same time, we cannot afford delegating the responsibility for the future security of Israel even into the hands of our best and most trusted and trustworthy allies.  (Piers Morgan – CNN)

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