Ambassador Prosor told the UN Security Council on Apr. 23:

  • “Resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict won’t stop the persecution of minorities across the region, end the subjugation of women, or heal sectarian divides. Obsessing over Israel has not stopped Assad’s tanks from flattening entire communities. On the contrary, it has only distracted attention from his crimes. And dedicating the majority of this debate [on “The Situation in the Middle East”] to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, month after month, has not stopped the Iranian regime’s centrifuges from spinning.”
  • “The Iranian nuclear program continues to advance at the speed of an express train. The international community’s efforts to stop them are moving at the pace of the local train, pausing at every stop for some nations to get on and off. The danger of inaction is clear. We cannot allow the diplomatic channel to provide another avenue for the Iranian regime to stall for more time, as they inch closer and closer to a nuclear weapon.”
  • “Numerous international organizations have said clearly that there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza, including the Deputy Head of the Red Cross Office in the area. Gaza’s real GDP grew by more than 25% during the first three quarters of 2011….Yet, as aid flows into the area, missiles fly out….If it is calm in Israel, it will be calm in Gaza. But the people of Gaza will face hardship as long as terrorists use them as human shields to rain rockets down on Israeli cities.”
  • “From 1948 until 1967, the West Bank was part of Jordan, and Gaza was part of Egypt. The Arab World did not lift a finger to create a Palestinian state. And it sought Israel’s annihilation when not a single settlement stood anywhere in the West Bank or Gaza. The fact is that in 2005 we took every settlement out of Gaza and only got rockets on our cities in return.”
  • “Much of the international community stands idle as the Arab world tries to erase the Jewish people’s historical connection to the Land of Israel. Across the Arab world – and even at this table – you hear claims that Israel is “Judaizing Jerusalem.” These accusations come about 3,000 years too late….Since King David laid the cornerstone for his palace in the 10th century BCE, Jerusalem has served as the heart of our faith.
  • In debate after debate, speakers sit in the Security Council and say that Israel is committing “ethnic cleansing” in Jerusalem, even though the percentage of Arab residents in the city has grown from 26% to 35% since 1967.
(Israeli UN Ambassador Ron Prosor –  Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs)