A few months back, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu went to dinner at Moscow’s Pushkin Restaurant where, at the next table, by chance, sat Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou. He turned to Netanyahu and said, “My country is in trouble. Our economic crisis is not improving, to put it lightly. Your reputation as finance minister precedes you. I would appreciate it if you could offer some suggestions.” Since that night, the friendship between the two leaders has blossomed.

On the diplomatic level, the flotilla is already behind us. Through diplomacy, this flotilla was stopped before its ships ever raised anchor. Condemnation of the flotilla and calls not to participate were heard from leaders around the world: the UN, the U.S. government, important European countries, Canada and Australia. Some governments, like Turkey’s, would not even allow the flotilla to leave their territory, while Greece collected ships in its ports. It turns out that Greece preempted the IDF on Saturday. We were also witness to a series of mysterious mishaps. But it was Greek commandos who stopped the flotilla, in the name of protecting their country’s vital interests.

(Shlomo Cesana – Israel Hayom)

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