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The June 4 issue of Daily Alert is now live.

Satirical Music Video – The Flotilla Choir Presents: We Con the World

The Gaza flotilla participants explain how they can con the world. (Latma TV)

Turkey’s Radical Drift
The more facts that come to light about the flotilla, its passengers and their sponsors, the more it seems clear that Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Ergodan’s government, far more so than Israel’s, must be held to account for Monday’s violent episode.

So much for the notion that Jerusalem has needlessly junked its friendship with Ankara. That “friendship” had already been degraded by a Turkish government that appears to have an ingrained hostility toward the Jewish state, remarkable sympathies for nearby radical regimes, and an attitude toward extremist groups like the IHH that borders on complicity. (Wall Street Journal)

Those Troublesome Jews
During the October 1962 missile crisis, we blockaded (“quarantined”) Cuba. Arms-bearing Russian ships headed to Cuba turned back because the Soviets knew that the U.S. Navy would either board them or sink them. Yet Israel is accused of international criminality for doing precisely what John Kennedy did: impose a naval blockade to prevent a hostile state from acquiring lethal weaponry.

The whole point of this relentless international campaign is to deprive Israel of any legitimate form of self-defense. The world is tired of these troublesome Jews, refusing every invitation to national suicide. (Charles Krauthammer – Washington Post)

The Gaza Blockade and International Law
Longstanding customary international law permits states to enforce publicly announced blockades on the high seas.

Ships that run blockades may be attacked and sunk under international law. If Israel had exercised that right, far more than nine people would have been killed. The writer is a professor at the University of Chicago Law School. (Eric Posner – Wall Street Journal)

For the Commandos, No Fiasco and Relatively Few Casualties
The commandos are dismayed by the view that the raid was a fiasco. They think the level of casualties on both sides was very low, given the circumstances. (Anshel Pfeffer – Ha’aretz)

We Had No Choice, Says Commando Who Killed Six on Flotilla
St.-Sgt. S. said Thursday that he was immediately attacked, just like the soldiers who had boarded just before him. Looking to his side, he saw three of his commanders lying wounded – one with a gunshot wound to the stomach and another with a gunshot wound to the knee. A third was lying unconscious; his skull was fractured by a blow from a metal bar. As the next in the chain of command, S. immediately took charge.
He pushed the wounded soldiers up against the wall of the upper deck and created a perimeter of soldiers around them to begin treating their wounds, he said. He then arranged his men to form a second perimeter, and pulled out his 9 mm. Glock pistol to stave off the charging attackers and to protect his wounded comrades. The attackers had already seized two pistols from the commandos, and fired repeatedly at them. Facing more than a dozen of the mercenaries, and convinced their lives were in danger, he and his colleagues opened fire, he said. S. singlehandedly killed six men. His colleagues killed another three. He is being considered for a medal of valor. (Yaakov Katz – Jerusalem Post)

Israel Navy: Three Commandos Nearly Taken Hostage in Gaza Flotilla Raid
Three commandos who lost consciousness as a result of the activists’ blows were dragged into one of the passenger halls below deck and were held there for several minutes before they regained consciousness and managed to join their comrades.

At least two commandos suffered gunshot wounds. After the incident, 9mm bullet casings were found – a kind not used by the naval commandos. The captain of the ship told the naval commando chief, Lt. Col. A., who was present on the ship, that the guns were thrown overboard before the ship was completely taken over. (Amos Harel – Ha’aretz)

Israelis Support Stopping Flotilla
A poll of Israel’s Jewish population by Maariv published Wednesday found 94.4% agreed it was necessary to stop the Gaza flotilla.
The opposition Kadima party has supported the government on the issue, and Netanyahu’s coalition has shown no signs of strain over the incident. (Calev Ben-David – Bloomberg)

IDF Identifies Mercenary Group Responsible for Flotilla Violence
The IDF has identified one of the passengers aboard the Mavi Marmara as the ringleader of a group of mercenaries who were recruited from Bursa in northwest Turkey.
The IDF identified a group of about 50 men – of the 700 on board – who were well-trained and were stationed throughout the ship, where they laid an ambush for the IDF soldiers.
The men wore bulletproof vests and gas masks, and had communication devices.
each had an envelope with about $10,000 in cash.
Israeli defense sources suspect the funding for the mercenaries may have come from elements within the Turkish government.
On Wednesday, Deputy Defense Minister Matan Vilnai told a Knesset hearing that all nine men killed on the Marmara were “involved in the fighting.” “There were no innocents among the dead,” Vilnai said. (Yaakov Katz – Jerusalem Post)